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Gallery of Winners from the Year 2002

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At the 2002 Gold Country Model Horse Show Serengeti NAN'd three times and got Reserve Performance Champion (Champ was the horse who kept beating him out)!
The above left picture is the hunter jump I put together for him (2nd place in the class)(with a nice towel background there!).
The above right picture is of him with all his ribbons and with his Reserve Champ ribbon (there's Duana in the corner - she got 1st place in trail!
Megan Petrea reports that she took her CM SM by Pope to the Sweatin' the Small Stuff Live in MI where with the parade set he took overall reserve performance champ (to her micro mini jumping set-up)! The horse also went on to win two champs in halter and finish and was first runner up overall champion (there was the champ, reserve and 3 runners up)!
Duana, owned by me, placed Top 10 Western Pleasure Other Type at NAN 2002!
Duana, owned by me, placed Top 10 Western Trail and won the National Champion Western Trail at NAN 2002!!!!!!!!!!
Serengeti, owned by me, placed Top 10 English Pleasure at NAN 2002!
Houdini, owned by me, placed Top 10 in Games at NAN 2002!

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