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Gallery of Winners from the Year 2000

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Mister Magic, owned by me. Live Shows: Other Performance Champion and NAN Qualified at Autumn Classic '99 AND '00!! Two years in a row! NAN 2000 top 10!! Photo Shows: Costume Champ, OF Costume Performance, Champion, OF Performance Reserve Champion. This pictures is from the Autumn Classic in '99, my first model horse show :)
Overdressed, owned by Mickey Sullivan's, 2nd place NAN Qualified in Hunter over Fences at NESE! "I got many compliments on the set!". At South Coast Classic 2000, he won: 1st English Pleasure, 2nd Hunter Over Fences, 4th Other English, 4th in some class she can't remember ... trail? ; ), 5th Jumpers, 7th Under-Saddle, Other English (again): 8th (??) ALONG with OVERALL PERFORMANCE CHAMPION (SUPER huge ribbon with such a tiny horse!), winning an SM cart (not by me, by another super mini person)! Woohoo!
DV Wild Child, owned by Marija Bernota with tack by me and prop by Britta Jewell, placed third to a Minuet and an Infinity at Gold Country 2000!
Granite, owned by Britta Jewell with parade set by me and prop by Britta Jewell, NAN qualified twice with first places both times at its first time out at Gold Country 2000! NAN'ed on Granite and AA stablemate standing Arab. Granite also NAN Top Tenned with this setup in Pomona, CA!
Red Ink (isn't this he the cutest thing?!?), owned by Cassie Thomas, placed 2nd in Other Western (reining) at Camden County Live April 2000 (picture shown) and at LSS Live May 2000 won 1st Other Western (reining) and *1st Other Performance (rounding up the herd)! UPDATE: 12-2000: "Red Ink's name was changed to Remember Her Name and she is also NAN Q'd in your tack in reining!"
Dreamscape, owned by Mickey Sullivan, placed third in Other Western Performance (trail and games) at the Jamboree Summer Challenge 2000 with english saddle set by me and trail obstacles by Mickey Sullivan.

Abdul Kareem, my PX On Fire resin with my first Arab Costume won first place with this set in a large class at Jamboree 2000 of Native American/Arabian Costumes thus NAN Qualifying himself, along with Reserve Champion Other performance!!
[Name?] owned by Britta Jewell, won 2nd place and NAN qualified at the Jamboree Summer Challenge 20000 with Micro Tack by me and jump and set-up by her.

Skip A Beat, owned by Nancy Mack, is the the Sarah Rose "Ahab" resin painted by Nicole Reid sporting a parade set by me. Nancy reported 8/27/00 that "took First in Parade and NAN Qualified yesterday in the Parade Class!!! He beat out about 20 other horses, (one was an extremely intensive Parade set on a Big Named Resin that won Top 10 at NAN this year!!!) and was a Major Hit of the show!...Your work and detail is INCREDIBLE, and I was so thrilled with the set, the horse, and how well recieved your work was! The detail is phenominal, and the fit on Skip a Beat couldn't have been more perfect! And as I have really bad hands and fingers, that this set was SO easy to put on was just a godsend for me!!"
Blackberry Frost - 10/15/00 - 3rd place out of 14 in the trail class at the Autumn Classic 2000!
Serengeti (owned by me!)- 10/15/00 - 1st and NAN qualified in Western Pleasure out of 18 at the Autumn Classic! Tied RESERVE CHAMPION Western Performance with another mini, (the champ was a mini, too)!
Art By Clover, owned by Cassie Thomas, at the Camden County Live: 2nd in Hunter/Jumper; and at the November 4th, 2000 Model Horsefest: 1st in CM Hunter/Jumper NAN Q'd, 1st in SM English Performance NAN Q'd
Cielo Gris, owned by Micky Sullivan, placed 2nd in English Pleasure and NAN qualified at the California Dreamin of Christmas Live, December 2000!
Elizabeth Borous writes about her parade set for her Bogucki "Rosebud" resin: "I love it dearly! Showed it once at the MAR show [2000].... it took 5th in the class, but still beat my Dozen Roses and Royal Worcester Palomino in their Susan Bensema Young parade did a KILLER job!! Gotta get some photos one of these days!!!"
Later she writes: "I wanted to let you know how good my little Rosebud did - I finally got to show her at Leslie Kathman's mini live show [2000] & she took 2nd in a HUGE costume class & was Reserve Performance Champion! (Beaten only by my Sarah Mink Mustang custom wearing an Indian Costume by Paula O'Keefe that took the championship)!...I finally got to see more of your tack in the tack challenge & was totally blown away! Photos do NOT do them justice! I am working right now on a webpage of pix of the show & will include one of your winning english set (unanimous decision!) & link to your page!
Carolina All Mini Live Show Results 2000
I was unable to attend the show, but entered some of my tack in the Challenge Classes through the mail! Here's how they did:
English Saddle Challenge: 1st out of 9 entries!
Costume Challenge: 2nd out of 7 entries!
Micro Mini Challenge: 1st out of 4 entries (Blackberry Frost, CM micro by myself with tack by myself!)

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