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There are lots of pictures on this page so it takes quite a while to load, but it's worth the wait! (The saddles at the bottom of the page are the newest.)

Gallery of SM Western Tack Page 2

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#16 - Natural SADDLE: basketweave, D-ring rear slots, wrapped horn, breastcollar; BRIDLE: double earbands, curved bit, split leather reins.
#17 - Natural SADDLE: shorter than most, rear thingies, one of my older works with one piece girth and new bridle; BRIDLE: single earband, romal reins.
One of my older works with a new bridle - Brown SADDLE: basketweave, rear thingies; BRIDLE: throatlatch, single leather loop rein.
#18 - Natural SADDLE: basketweave, rear thingies, silvering, wearleathers, breastplate w/ silver in middle BRIDLE: "v" browband, silvering, split leather reins, and a throatlatch - this is a very cool set!
#19 - Natural SADDLE: basketweave, silvering, breascollar with silver plate in middle, wearleathers, saddle decorations, silvering; BRIDLE: single earband, split leather reins
#20 - Brown SADDLE: basketweave, breastplate with ring in middle, rear sinch; BRIDLE: throatlatch, "V" browband, split leather reins
#21 - Natural SADDLE: basketweave, breastplate with silver plate in middle, rear cinch, silvering, SUEDE black seat - very nice; BRIDLE: throatlatch, "V" browband, split BEADED string reins (my 2nd beaded reins)!
#22 - Brown - SADDLE: basketweave, silvering, breastcollar with a ring in middle, rear cinch; BRIDLE: throatlatch, "V" browband, split leather reins, chin chain since added
#23 - Brown - SADDLE: basketweave, silvering, breastcollar with silver plate in middle, wearleathers; BRIDLE: one earband, split braided reins, cute chain chin strap!
Natural bridle, V browband, split leather reins. Curb chain added after this scan (I always seem to forget to put it on before I scan it!).
#24 - Natural - SADDLE: some basketweave, brown suede seat, silvering, breastcollar with a ring in middle, tassles by saddle horn; BRIDLE: one earband, throatlatch, split braided reins - this is a very cool fancy stock work set!
#25 - BARREL set! - top leather plain brown, fender leather darker basketweave, with big light brown suede seat, and natural stirrups, made just like a real bareel saddle! Breastcollar, tiedown, "Little "S" Horse bit" (hackamore) with detail detail detail! The first of it's kind, 2nd NAN qualified in barrels for me with the SM Warmblood (not shown with his cute blue leg wraps and boots!)!
#26 - black - basketweave, silvering, breastplate w/ silver plate, wearleathers; single ear band, double braided reins, silvering
#27 - brown - basketweave, minimal silvering, breastplate with single silver plate in middle, wearleathers on saddle pad, saddle decorations (below horn and stirrup). Bridle: brown, throatlatch, browband (top pic) later changed to single earband (bottom pic), split leather reins
#28 Natural, Basketweave, Silvering, Breastplate: single piece with silver 'plate' in middle, Rear Cinch; Bridle natural, Silvering, double earbands, split leather reins ::: for the SM stock horse mold
#29 These are some more views of the "cover saddle" shown on the main page. This is THE NICEST set I have EVER made - and I'm keeping it! It's natural colored with tooling that I painted on in a darker brown acrylic. The horn is a new style that's hard to do so I don't know how much I'll use it. The silvering has a pattern etched/swirled into it, too. It even has tiny little tolled latigo/billet strap keepers (or whatever you call them, below the horn on either side!). Also a new type silver bit. It has a breastcollar, and the bridle is single-ear split rein.

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