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(This pages work oldest to newest, so these are my first 15 saddles.)

Gallery of SM Western Tack Page 1

Pamela DeMuth "Rimspark" resin cantering along in the best western set I've made so far (from my personal collection!)!
*10/15/00* - 1st and NAN qualified in Western Pleasure at the Autumn Classic! Tied RESERVE CHAMPION Western Performance with another mini, (the champ was a mini, too)!

The picture above shows one of my many western sets (probably one of the nicest ones) modeled by Serengeti. It is the same one shown on Rakkas at the bottom of the page. Serengeti is the SM resin by Pamela DeMuth - I love him!

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#1 - This is the first set I did: natural, basketweave, silvering, wearlethers, "rear thingies", throatlatch and "V" browband on the bridle, and split leather reins.
#2 - Brown with silvering and black seat, throatlatch and single leather rein.
#3 - Brown with tons of silvering, decorated saddlepad, throatlatch, and double braided reins.
#4 - Black set with silvering, double earband, and working cheekpeice buckle.
#5 - Dark brown with silvering, breastcollar, throatlatch, browband, and single leather rein.
#6 - Natural with silvering, breastcollar, single earband, double leather reins.
My first few bridles had painted buckles on the bridle with an adjustable loop until I got that wonderful extra-thin wire to make REAL WORKING slip buckles out of!! The older saddles also had a cinch that came from one side and buckled to the other, while my new ones have cinches that buckle on both sides (so are detachable).

#7 - Inspired by a set I saw at JAM '99 I made this very cool set! Brown, basketweave, silvering, itty bitty tassles by horn and on stirrups, "V" browband, itty bitty beads on bridle (!) and double braided reins. Eventually I would like to make a matching breastcollar, beaded to match the bridle. I had run out of beads, though, when this scan was taken. But I have more now, I just need the time! Shown on top on a CM by my and on the bottom on a resin by Pam Demuth touched up by me.
Little Update: made a regular brown girth and white saddlepad with wearleathers on it to show in pleasure on my black appy CM new SM QH, on which it looks very nice!
Dark brown simple bridle.
#8 - Natural with silvering, some basketweave, wearleathers on saddlepad. Dark brown bridle with strait browband (not the bridle that goes with it). This set plus the natural bridle I later made for it: "WOW'd the judges! It placed second to all Trads!", says it’s owner!!
#9 - Brown, basketweave, silvering, black seat, breastplate, rearcinch, wearleathers, throatlatch, strait browband, double braided reins ~ AS FANCY AS YOU CAN GET!! Shown on unpainted SM Resin "Rakkas" by Pam DeMuth.
#10 - Brown, basketweave, silvering, brown seat, rearcinch, wearleathers, throatlatch, strait browband, double leather reins. Shown on unpainted SM Resin "Rakkas" by Pam DeMuth.
#11 - Dark Brown - SADDLE: D-ring rear slots, breastcollar; BRIDLE: browband, double leather reins.
#12 - Black - baskwetweave, FIRST hackamore I've made!!
#13 - Brown Western Set – SADDLE: basketweave, decorations, rounded edges BRIDLE: “wavy” bit, single earband, double braided reins.
#14 - Brown w/ basketweave.
#15 - Natural with rear girth, breastcollar, silvering, basketweave, fancy new style bit, "V" browband, actual BEADS on reins - just the works! The best! The fanciest! I'm keeping this one for when this "Rakkas" gets painted! FAR RIGHT: Top view of the set on Serengeti, my Rimspark resin, same guy shown at the top of this page.

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