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Gallery of SM Parade Tack

The second parade set I made, before the fancy tassles and stuff. Here are two pictures of it.
The third set, still without tassles, but a different type of design!
Another w/out tassles! The owner says it placed first at a 99 Jamboree Benefit Show against some stunning arab costumes! BELOW: Here's a few that aren't finished, but you get the pattern idea. I drew the patterns better below them. They are numbered, and when I take orders I like to know which patterns you like best. Your set will not be exactly like the one you like, each one is different, but just so I get the idea! Some of the following sets are the finished ones.
One of the finished sets. Very cute! A view from the top of the same set.
Neat design - looks like those Christmas flowers - pointsettias! My very favorite and best (besides the first fancy one I kept). Shown on the SM Bogucki "Rosebud" resin, made to fit it. Isn't it stunning?!
Another one, made to like like pattern #3 in the pics of the 5 unfinished sets photo (above). Parade Set #14
#15 #16 made to fit Pope's "Hawkeye" SM resin (this guy's from the broken batch, used to fit the tack to him correctly)
#17 #18 - made to fit Sarah Rose's "Ahab" resin
#19 made to fit the Liddy "Quatro" Resin, shown on DeMuth "Rakkas" resin and on the Quatro it was made for #20
#21 #22
#23 - made to fit the LB/SM Lisa Rivera Morgan Resin #24 - the orderee said "just do whatever" so I did and came up with this new style! Modeled after a few pictures I had, it's got the pad and no rear decorations with a fancier breastcollar and throatlatch.
#25 - a "fleur de lys" type design. The bridle on this one is a bit more realistic, and has a curb chain on the bit. #26
#27 #28 - The latest, greatest version of the parade set, modeled after some photos of old real parade saddles. This one has the correct pad, decorations on the forehead, a fancy bit, and is as detailed as possible!

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