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There are lots of pictures on this page so it takes quite a while to load, but it's worth the wait! (The saddles at the bottom of the page are the newest.)

Gallery of SM English Tack Page 2

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After the saddles seen on the previous page, I hadn't done an english set for a while, so I just went all out when I did the next one, which is the first shown below. It turned out to be by far the very nicest saddle I've done! It's had the works - suede kneeroles, d-rings, extra stirrup leather and keepers, just too cool! Then I decided to stop doing the first type of english sets (first page) and continue doing them all the nicest I could. This of course meant changes the prices, but I think it's worth it. They are extremely realistic, which is what I strive for in all my tack, and want to keep it that way!
(The 2nd new type english set is shown on the main page on Serengeti)
First nice english set, a little larger than regular SM size - between SM and LB, shown first on Sarah Rose "Ahab" resin, then on the horse is was made to fit, the D'Arry standing hunter pony resin.
The 3rd of the new type English Saddles: English Saddle deep seat jumping,lighter padded,brown, D bit
Natural English Bridle (looks a bit bulky here).
#4 Eventing set, same set as above (even though it looks black here!), adjusted to fit the SM Gravity resin for Lori Daniel's for her NAN 2001 Auction Piece! She is going to donate a SM performance package!
#5 Pleasure (flatter seat), light brown brown pleasure with suede kneeroles, stirrup leather keepers; D bit; braided reins, rein stops; running martingale; boots. What an elegant pair this is!
#6 Pleasure set: brown pleasure with suede kneeroles, stirrup leather keepers; D bit, braided reins; standing martingale
#7 English set: dark brown pleasure with suede kneeroles, stirrup leather keepers; D bit; standing martingale; boots -- made to fit the Lisa Rivera Mini Morgan Resin which is a bit larger than SM but still smaller than LB. I *love* set! (Maybe it's because it looks just like my real horse saddle!)
#8 Ultimate Show Jumping Set - dark brown, lighter-colored kneeroles, concealed kneeblocks, rounded square saddlepad, breastplate/running martingalem D-ring bit, reinstops, hinged nose-drop attachment, and lastly, beautiful "stitching" on the browband and noseband.
TOP: Black breastplate/running martingale; MIDDLE: blue bell boots; BOTTOM: hinged nosedrop attachment
#9 - Tan pleasure saddle (shallow seat) with padded kneeroles and stirrup leather keepers, a D-ring bit and laced (braided) reins.
#10 - brown with a deep hunter/jumper seat and lighter-colored suede kneepads, new prototype handmade stirrups, little keepers for the extra stirrup leathers; running martingale; bridle: D-ring bit, laced (braided) reins, and reinstops (for the martingale); & open front boots.

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