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Gallery of SM English Tack Main Page

Dark brown english eventing set with lots of new, prototype stuff: flash noseband, running martingale, reinstops, square saddle pad with number on left side and American flag on right side and saddle cushion (felt!), and boots! This set was donated to Lori Daniels/Crazyhorse Sutdios for her NAN 2001 Auction piece: her SM resin Gravity painted by her, with tack by me, and a cross-country jump set-up by Karyn Johnson!

There were so many pictures I had to put them in galleries! The pages go from older work to newer work, so my latest stuff will be on the last page.

Gallery of English Tack Page 1

Gallery of English Tack Page 2

Gallery of English Tack Page 3

Gallery of Gaited, Park, and Dressage Tack


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