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For Sale

Currently nothing is for sale and I am not taking orders.

Anything for sale will be listed to auction at The Model Exchange or Ebay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you still making tack?
A. Yes, I am, but I am not taking orders. Right now I am making tack when time allows and having fun creating them to my own preferences. Any tack that I make I sell through an internet auction.

Q. Why are you not taking orders?
A. First because right now I do not have the time to take on a number of orders and finish them within a reasonable amount of time, second I feel that for the time being I can get a better price for my items through auction, third in that way my tack is available to everyone, and lastly because right now I am a full time first year college student and I don't want the commitment of orders on top of that :). I really wish I could make tack for everyone, but I'm simply unable to. Sorry!

Q. When will you start taking orders again?
A. I do not know when I will take orders again. Currently I am enjoying the break, after having a backlog of 3 years, and prefer to make and sell items at my own leisure. I am going to school and figuring out what I want to do with my life, and tack is on the backburner.

Q. How can I be notified of when you re-open your books or have anything for sale?
A. Join my email list! That way you will recieve notices for when I take orders again, have something for sale or at auction, update my website, and anything else that has to do with my tack. ANYTIME I have ANYTHING for sale I will post it here, as well as to a few other lists. To join my Yahoo Groups email list, simply fill in your e-mail address right here:

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Q. Do you have any pre-made tack for sale?
A. No I do not. Anything that is pre-made is listed to auction, which you can find out about by joining my group above or clicking on the MXC link above.

Q. But I need tack NOW!
A. If you just can't wait for me, visit any of the tackmakers I listed links page and you might find what you want.

Also, check these out:

CLICK HERE to see if I have anything up at auction on MXC (user ID minigirl)

CLICK HERE to see if I have anything up at auction on Ebay (click on items for sale) (user id supercilker)

Q. And lastly, how much does your tack cost?
A. When I first started selling tack through a bunch of orders I took on in 1998, the average saddle set cost was around $60, depending on the preferences and accessories. Since then the values of my saddles have gone up because the quality of my work has increased greatly as well as the demand. The first english saddle I sold on Ebay went for $160, and half a year later two seperate sets went for over $200 at two seperate auction times. So that is what to expect.

Hope that was helpful! Email me with any questions!


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