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Gallery of Micro Mini Tack


First one I ever made shown on my micro custom by me, Work of Art. He has NAN qualified in this before! Brown, silvering, double earbands, double reins.

Click on the image to enlarge it.
Dark Brown, "V" Browband, double reins, silvering. Brown, black seat, strait browband, double reins, silvering.
Black, double earbands, double reins, silvering. Natural, single earband, double reins, silvering.
Natural, single earband, double reins, silvering. The latest micro tack I've made for a long time, 2/2004.

Here's a nice close-up pic:


(This scan's kinda disproportioned because of the upward tilt...) Another very nice set, completed 3-2002.

This one won 2nd place at Jamboree and NAN qualified!

The latest English set, completed 5/2004.


(Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

This is the first micro mini dressage saddle I've made. It has an 'O' ring bit for lower level dressage (and plus I still need to figure out how to do a MM weymouth bit!). It was made to fit the MM pewter-cast sculpture MH Copyright by Mandi Hickman. Sadly, it was lost in the mail - the first problem I've ever had with the Post Office : (
So I made two more shown below. The one on the left is just like the first one with a little girth buckle and leg flaps over the main piece of skiver. The second one, on the right, does not have leg flaps, the 'flaps' are the same piece as the main piece (if this makes any sense!) which is why it appears smaller and less bulky, and the girth has no buckle and is adjusted with sticky-wax. Please note that how he is lying on the scanner makes these scans look a bit disproportional (ooh, big word, if it even is a word!) when really they're fine.

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