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Other desires might clamor strongly and fiercely nearer the surface of her nature, but she knew now that down in the core of her own being she was so shaped that nothing could fit, fill, or satisfy her heart but He Himself. “Nothing else really matters,” she said to herself, “Only to love Him and to do what He tells me. I don’t know quite why it should be so, but it is. All the time it is suffering to love and sorrow to love, but it is lovely to love Him in spite of this, and if I should cease to do so, I should cease to exist.” –Hind’s Feet on High Places


Pictures of me and Ria, the horse I leased before college

Artwork - a sample of my best drawings, through 2003ish

Cindy's Gentlebunnies - I used to show rabbits

The Mini Tack Girl - I used to make miniature saddles for model horses that are 3 inches tall and sell them on Ebay

Creekside Stables - from when I was in the model horse hobby

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